Child Safety


We all know that growing children equals increased curiosity, which is why we make child safety a top priority. A Louvolite One Touch™ motorised blind is entirely child safe: With the 300 & 700 Series battery operated options, the Magic Wand is attached to the blind cassette and hangs discreetly at the edge of the blind. Alternatively, with the 1100 Series the operating remote control can either be stored safely within a holder attached to a wall or used as a mobile device and stylishly displayed anywhere in the room. Both options mean that operating chains and cords are not required, making the perfect addition to your home and giving you complete peace of mind



In 2014 mandatory standards were  introduced which effect the manufacturing and installation of all new internal blinds in the homes and public buildings.

Tragically there have been a number of accidents where children have become entangled in window blind cords. Although thankfully rare, the EU has revised the standard governing window blinds to ensure child safety measures are always provided.

Penumbra Blinds fully support these changes to the EU standard, Our internal blinds will be fully compliant with the new standards for internal window blinds and we have a range of tested safety devices for making existing blinds safer.

Most of these safety devises are unobtrusive, inexpensive and simple to install. We would be pleased to advise you the best option for any blind you have in your home whether installed by us or not.

We also have a range of “safe by design”, which have features specially tailored to make them perfectly safe for anywhere children live and play.

Penumbra Blinds are members of the British Blind and Shutter Association, a trade association that have helped spearhead the drive towards safer window blinds in the UK. Their Make It Safe campaign is supported and endorsed by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and referenced by many other organisations. The Make It Safer website offers a lot of advice and information about child safety in relation to window blinds, and can be found at


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