Gazebo – Digital Printing

Digital Printing


If you want to develop your communication tools or promote your company image, we can help you to provide the solution adapted to your needs.We offer the best solution to our customers. Using different printing techniques according to the different fabrics and quality needs.



Stencil Printing  –    Vinyl, offset quality, adaptability and small quantity.

Solvent Digital Printing  –  Vinyl printing, offset quality, adaptability and personalization.

Silk Screen Printing –  Intense colour, long life quality, low price and  high affordablity.

Transfer Printing –  Quailty of printing, speed of printing and long term life.

Digital Dye Sublimation –  Ecological ( ink without solvent), Odourless, long life quality, best printing result and   exceptional resistance to frictions, Uv and washing


Logo and Letters

According to the message that you want to giveto your customer, our proffesional team can help you to personalize your tent and tooptimize the costs of printing thanks to its experience in this field.

Total Recovering

There is no limit to how much printing, photos and images this just depends on your desires and needs, your illustration can cover the totality or part of the Gazebo.

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