Gazebo Vitabri V3


The V3 range is our most popular model : it is developped of research and development

The V3 range symbolizes VITABRI quality and simplicity. The V3 is one of the most reliable tents in the world

Perfect for professional use. The frames of V3 foldable tents are made up of 100% of alumnium and their junction pieces are in polypropylen including 30% of glass fibre. The V3 frame is light and versatile. The canopy has a high resale value.

Technical Details

V3 Eco Pack Tent

Dimension (m)                   Folded (m)                       Weight (kg)    Roofing Height (m)       Height under Valance (m)

3 x 3        1 mast                less than  1 SQM                                   70                          3.61                             2.06

3 x 4.5     2 mast                less than  1 SQM                                102                          3.78                             2.175

3 x 6        3 mast                 less than  1 SQM                                115                           4.07                           2.245


tente pliante V3 pack eco


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