Gazebo- Equipment


V2 and V3 Series, Equipment

Tie Clips 

Our V2 clips allow you to hang and merchansie products onto the braces, whereas V3 clips allow you to hang elements of any kind onto the braces.

Mulifunction Reinforcing Bar

With the V2 this enables the combining of heavy elements with a US skirt. Max. load is 80kg, this allows the equipment necessary for you activity such as wardrobes, shelving ect.

The V3 bar allows attachment of a US skirt in the upper position. In the lower position, it becomes threshold bar to stiffen the structure in case of high winds  and also to ensure a perfect fit to the skirt.




The Junction Bar,Hook and Loop Collar-V3

This may be used to assemble the V3 to ensure that it stands safetly.

The Junction Collar-V3

Attaches to the leg with a clamping system, easily positioned along the entire height of the leg. It can be used with any our our V3 options.

Rigging and Ballasting

Several systems adapted to the V2 canopy increase the safety of the stand by increasing it’s wind resistance. The euipment for the V3 allows for the securing of the stand such as the 15kg ballast weights.


The Permanent Fixing Kit

Ensures optimal securing of teh stand to the ground as well as a reduced footprint when used semi-permanent.

Heating and Lighting

We have an extensive range designed to improve your comfort. Our systems are adabptable to the gazebo thanks to the universal quick release blocking system with the V2 and the innovative Junction Collar with the V3.

The Removable Universal Blocking System-V2

This is attached to the upper leg, it can easily be positioned along the entire length of the leg. The universal blocking system can be used with any of our V2 options.

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