Cutting The Cost of Conservatory Roof Blinds

Are you at the stage where your conservatory is up and now is the decision on what is best to tackle the light and glare coming from the roof?

Are roof blinds proving to be way beyond your budget?

Then maybe you need to look at an alternative product, which doesn’t┬ánecessarily mean cutting down the performance of what you think only blinds can do, in fact the performance Solar Window Film can do that little bit more and, depending on how much glass and the shapes of each pane, could save you up to half the price of roof blinds.


About Solar Window Film

When installed to your conservatory roof, up to 80% of Solar heat is rejected.

The film eliminates uncomfortable hot areas as well as reduces annoying glare and reflection on computer and television screen, resulting in a comfortable indoor climate.

Window film ensure more efficient cooling in the summer months and some films also act as an insulating layer aiding heat loss through the glass by keeping some of the heat in during winter months. With this in mind you maximise your energy efficiency and minimise your consumption costs as you save on electricity and gas.

It also helps with the damaging effects on all materials in your conservatory, such as curtains, sofas and flooring. Heat is the major contributory when is comes to the fading of materials as well as visable light, but the biggest culprit is UV radiation.

All solar window films eliminate nearly 100% of the UV radiation

Image result for causes of fading by sun


The final points to make about Solar Window film

It is does not interfere with your view.. with roof blinds your view is taken away of the sky when they are closed.

Where heat is trapped in between the roof blinds and the conservatory roof glass it can cause flies and insects to die and also can be a cobweb trap.

Solar Window Film is installed onto the glass so doesn’t have any gap in between to trap heat and kill insects or cobwebs attached.

The very final thing to bear in mind is the cleaning aspect..

As mentioned above, roof blinds can get insects trapped in them and go on to die in the blinds.. they can get dusty and aren’t always accessible to remove to get a dust off.

Solar window film just needs cleaning like normal glass and is guaranteed up to 10 years