Somfy Home Automation

Somfy innovation

Improving your well-being

Every day, 400 Somfy engineers are inventing new ways to experience comfort and safety in the home.
And each year, approximately 400 patents are born from their desire to innovate,  making your life better.


Technology and compatibility

Somfy’s wireless technology makes it easier to manage your home, providing you with improved comfort and security. 

Their clever motorised products can also communicate with each other wirelessly, using built-in radio technology. This means that all your equipment can be centralised and controlled together by a single remote control or automated solution.

Somfy’s scalable systems allow you to add new equipment as your needs and budget progresses, without having to worry about disrupting your original installation. There’s never been a better time to switch to a more comfortable home.

A superior service with Somfy

Improving your home should be a stress-free experience. Somfy will provide you with expert advice and guidance, before, during and after your project.

Whether you need advice in advance of your project, assistance from a local installer or help in using any of our products, Somfy’s partners are by your side.

And because we know it’s important to stay in control of your time and budget, Somfy will always keep a close eye on its most important service: the development of innovative home solutions.