Tansun Heating


Pioneered the concept of infrared electric outdoor heating technology 30 years ago, and maintains an unrivalled reputation as world leaders in the development of indoor and outdoor quartz electric, infrared heaters.

Tansun is an established global brand made to the highest international standards in our own modern UK factory.

Their infrared heaters are designed to offer optimum heat performance all year round, with the largest range of domestic, industrial, and commercial infrared heaters in the world today.

Tansun believes that perfect products can only be developed if there is an understanding of the concept, the technology and the purpose. Our heaters are robust, reliable and add style to any environment.

Who better to do this than Tansun, the originators of electric outdoor patio heating?!

Tansun have launched a new unique ‘dual low glare’ range of heaters.

The ‘Ambient Series’ was created in collaboration with OSRAM, sharing the research and development skills of both companies.

Incorporating the latest technology in lamp and heater design, the result is a radiant heater range which provides a dramatic reduction in the light or ‘glare’ given off by most radiant heaters. In conjunction with OSRAM’s lamp technology and Tansun’s renowned superior heater design and using Tansun’s gold reflector technology, the result from this ‘dual’ effect is the most effective low glare radiant heating solution available on the market today.

he Ambient Series is very much the ultimate in radiant heating. In addition to providing a substantial reduction in glare the heaters also have a high IP55 rating, for weatherproof outdoor use, and also provide an even greater degree of heat intensity then other heater models.


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