Tansun ‘Eclipse’ Heaters

Tansun ‘Eclipse’


This Ceramic element provides a gentle medium – wave heat. ideally used in enclosed / semi enclosed environments. Not Suitable for fully exposed environments.

Easy to Install. Includes Mounting Bracket.
Economical. Efficient. Radiant heating.

The Tansun Eclipse is a new no glare infrared heater. Constructed from powder coated black profile, its modern sleek design will allow it to fit easily into upscale environments and also it is also perfect for where heat is required but without the glare. The latest in design and engineering, the Tansun Eclipse incorporates the most advanced ceramic heating technology, which gives the heater 35% more energy efficiency than others of its kind.

It has been designed primarily for areas where no glare is desirable, whilst still benefiting from its superior heating performance, compared to other heating products in its class. The Tansun Eclipse turns 96% of all energy into medium wave infrared heat, which is perfect for ambient, comfort heating. The radiant heat is absorbed by people either indoors or out.

Ideal for: Offices, conservatories, studios, hotel environments, restaurants and bars, casinos and theatres.


  • Double, triple and quadruple configuration
  • Discreet infrared heating
  • UK Manufacturing
  • No glare
  • 35% superior heat output
  • Stylish design
  • Water resistant
  • Zero maintenance


Available Kw 1.2-2.4 kw*
Heat up to 7.7sq.m*
Lamp Life Up to 8,000 hrs
Weatherproof Yes
IP Rating X4
Mounting Wall
Available Colour Black
Min Mounting Height 2.0m
Weight 5.2 – 7.1kg*
Dimensions W x H x D 1663m x 111m x 89m – 943m x 111m x 89m*


Energy saving RF controller – The new 2kW receiver and 4 channel remote will allow Tansun heaters to be dimmed down in 3 stages. 100% – 66% – 50% – OFF

1 receiver will be required per heater. The remote can control 1 – 100+ heaters in unison

  • Fully waterproof IP66 timer-switch will turn on heater(s) for a pre-determined period of time from 2 to 20 minutes.
  • Illuminated touch area for easy location in dark areas.
  • Ideal for installing in smoking shelters, bars, restaurants any where that requires controlled heat and lighting.


  •  Offices
  • Conservatories
  • Studios
  • Hotel environments
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Casinos
  • Theatres

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