Paravento from Weinor


Perfect protection from sun, wind, rain and prying eyes.

Whether it is a chat over the garden fence or enjoying a barbecue together once in a while: those who get on well with their neighbours lead more relaxed lives. But even the most gregarious people want to have a little peace and quiet every now and then and be able to withdraw to their private sphere without being disturbed. Vertical side awnings such as the “Paravento” from Weinor, for example, can guard against prying eyes. These complement the sun protection awnings over the patio very well, and can be configured exactly in precise colours and sizes.

Technical Highlights

Simple installation – for universal application

The Paravento can easily be fitted to any house wall or patio construction – both sideways or front. It can be mounted simply and quickly due to the corresponding attachments.

Paravento with trapezium shaped fabric

The Paravento with trapezium shaped fabric is the ideal complement to a weinor folding arm awning, for example. As its shape corresponds to the angle of inclination of the awning, it creates a well-protected area with this combination – for additional side protection from inquisitive neighbours, low-lying sun and cool side winds.

Paravento with trapezium shaped fabric

For an attractive appearance

When it is retracted, the entire technology is concealed completely in the aluminium cassette of the Paravento.

For an attractive appearance

Perfect complement to existing products

It is not only in its function as side protection that the Paravento is an excellent complement to awnings, patio roofs and pergolas. It is also the perfect complement in frame colours and fabric patterns.

Perfect complement to existing products


The new weinor fabric patterns add an aesthetically pleasing look to your patio!

Teflon EXTREME® finishing makes weinor fabrics water and dirt repellant. What’s more, the solution dyeing process, which locks the pigment into the fibres, gives them their long-lasting brilliant colour.

Fabrics: Best quality and a wide range

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An immense range of cutting-edge frame colours

The magnificent nuances from weinor will colour your life. Everyone is certain to find their favourite colour here: with over 200 different rack colours from weinor to choose from. Let us inspire you!

As weinor does all the powder coating in its own workshop, you can also rest assured that different weinor products come with the same top-class colour tonality and identical gloss level.

Frame colours: made by weinor

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