Glass Sliding Door W17-C from Weinor

The easy-glide sliding door

An effortless all glass system

It doesn’t get any easier than this: thanks to its premium-quality fittings, Weinor’s easy-glide sliding door is a breeze to operate and also locks if required.



Easy to open- convenient and user friendly

  • Very user-friendly all glass elements
  • Sliding the planels is a breeze
  • exceptionally smooth operation
  • Foot-operated lock on the inside

Actuator function – all the panels can glide at the same time

The intelligent actuator function makes for very fast operation of the all-glass elements.

  • Slide mulitple planels in one go
  • Close entire fronts with a flick of the wrist

Retrofittable- for virtually every patio roof

Being a vertical structure, weinor’s easy glide sliding door fits under virtually every patio roof as well as numberous roof structures.

  • Weinor Terrazza can be added to create a Glasoase
  • No addtional costs for structure safety adjustments
  • Matching profiles from Weinor for extra retrofitting



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