Sottezza 2 from Weinor

Under-mounted conservatory awnings for cosy flair

Enjoy relaxing times under your patio roof

This is the promise that is kept by your Sottezza II. The decorative inside shadowing is elegant, sleek and understated – and suitable for almost every patio roof. The Sottezza II quite simply invites you to relax. And that’s what you’ll be able to do. That’s because this awning reduces the development of heat under the glass and provides for feel-good temperatures – also in the summer. In the cooler seasons, the warming solar rays are used to heat up your patio area. At the same time, the Sottezza II also provides effective glare protection.

Technical highlights

Reliable rope clamping system from the range of conservatory awnings

Reliable rope clamping system from the range of conservatory awnings

The tried and tested rope clamping system also ensures even fabric deployment as well as fast and easy installation with the Sottezza II.

Clever Sottezza II versions – Stretch and OptiStretch

Clever Sottezza II versions – Stretch and OptiStretch

With the Sottezza II OptiStretch, the fabric is positioned securely in the side channel – just like a zip. This ensures that the fabric remains taut, without its edges hanging over sideways. With the basic version of the Sottezza II Stretch, the fabric is clamped firmly on two sides. A strong rope clamping system with pulley technology minimises the fabric sag and reduces the risk of the edges of the fabric hanging over sideways to the minimum.

Elegant design – LED lighting integrated in the cassette

Elegant design – LED lighting integrated in the cassette

The cassette with the integrated LED lighting blends discreetly into the architecture of the patio roof.


 Pleasant Light Into The Evening Hours

The Sottezza LED creates atmospheric lighting under your patio roof. The light bar matches the colour of the Sottezza.

  • 30,000 hours of lighting with minimal energy consumption
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Dim to any level with BiConnect
  • Patent Pending


Sottezza II With LED Light Bar


Sottezza II Without LED Light Bar


A high quality fabric is a fundamental requirement of a beautiful awning. The ‘colours by Weinor’ collection provides a wide range of choice.

  • Solution-dyed to stay colourfast
  • Lastingly beautiful, thanks to dirt- and- water repellant nancoating

‘True Colours’ – Acrylic Fabrics- 100 Patterns

weinor true colours acrylic fabrics – for lasting brilliance and a beautiful feel

  • High quality Acrylic
  • Proven for dacades
  • Fabric width – 120cm/240cm

‘Magic Colours’ – Poloester Fabrics – 55 Patterns

weinor magic colours polyester fabrics – for unparalleled shape retention

  • Innovative Polyester quality
  • High-stretch with memory effect
  • Fabric width 120cm

‘Perluca’ Air-permeable Acrylic Fabrics- 5 Patterns

  • Perforated Acrylic
  • Translucent, breathable climate regulating fabric
  • Favric width 120cm/240cm

For more information please see our ‘Weinor Fabric Colours ‘ page


An immense range of cutting-edge frame colours

The magnificent nuances from weinor will colour your life. Everyone is certain to find their favourite colour here: with over 200 different rack colours from weinor to choose from. Let us inspire you!

As weinor does all the powder coating in its own workshop, you can also rest assured that different weinor products come with the same top-class colour tonality and identical gloss level.

Frame colours: made by weinor

For more information please see our ‘Weinor Frame Colours‘ page

Radio Controls

The weinor BiConnect radio control makes operating sun protection, lighting and heating a delight.

Using a pre-programmed BiEasy hand transmitter with or without a display; in silver or black – or even using the BiEasy app. The solar sensor enables the awning to extend automatically – regardless of whether you are at home or not. This means that you will always have a pleasant, cool climate on your patio even in the case of blazing heat.

More convenience due to radio control

For more information please see our ‘Weinor Radio Controls‘ page

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