WGM TOP – Conservatory Over Roof Awning


The Over Roof Conservatory Awning…

Provides a pleasantly shaded place on your patio or in your conservatory where you will enjoy relaxing even on extremely sunny days.

The over roof conservatory awning can be combined with almost any untrussed roof virtually regardless of the structural conditions and is therefore a real enrichment for your haven of well-being.

The exterior shading solution for a variety of roof types

Reliable sun, glare and heat protection

Reliable Sun, Glare and Heat protection…

The over roof conservatory awning from weinor provides reliable sun  and glare protection – the space under your conservatory roof heats up far less as the sun doesn’t directly hit the roof.

Fits on Almost Any Patio or Conservatory Roof…

Regardless of whether it’s a weinor Glasoase® or warm conservatory, wooden patio roof or one with roof overhang – the over roof conservatory can be combined with almost any patio or conservatory roof, even later on as a retro fit.

Fits on almost any patio or conservatory roof

Impressive Design…

The slimline profile without any visible fixings highlight the over roof conservatory awning’s modern design. It integrates perfectly into the overall look of the house facade as a stylish element.

Impressive design

High Wind Stability…

As a result of the high-quality workmanship and robust tension system, the over roof conservatory awning is also reliable sun protection with higher wind forces. An optional sun / wind sensor ensures that you also have plenty of shade in winds, but the awning retracts in good time if it should get stormy.

High wind stability

OptiStretch and Stretch Versions…

With the OptiStretch version, the fabric is held captive on all four sides. The benefits: extremely well positioned and tensioned fabric and no light gap on the sides. The basic Stretch version held captive on two sides and there is a light gap between the fabric and side profile. A strong rope tension system ensures even fabric positioning with both versions.

OptiStretch and Stretch versions

Different Support Bracket Top Versions…

Different support bracket top versions always offer the perfect solution to suit the patio or conservatory roof already installed. The flexible support bracket is also available in different heights.

Different support bracket top versions

The Fabric and Mechanical Parts are Protected Inside the Cassette..

The all-round enclosed and robust awning cassette keeps the fabric and technical equipment safe from the weather.

The fabric and mechanical parts are protected inside the cassette

Patented Carriage System and Highly Innovative Tension System…

The over roof conservatory awning tension system ensures permanently taut fabric. The flat rope is extremely quiet and durable, the tried and tested weinor carriage impresses with its quiet retraction and extension that is gentle on materials.

Patented carriage system and highly innovative tension system

Summary of Features 

 At a Glance…

  • Reliable sun, glare and heat protection

  • Modern design

  • Can be used on almost any patio or conservatory roof

  • Width x projection (max.): 6.5 m x 5 m

  • More than 150 fabric patterns and 200 frame colours


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