Venetian Blinds – Aluminium


Venetian Blinds

Blinds to transform a room

Give it character and define the mood, filter light and control heat for the utmost comfort and perfect atmosphere. Available in an extensive range of textures and colours, including metalics, brushed, hammered effect, patterened and wood effect, to mix and match to create the right feel in your room and compliment your interior decoration.



16, 25 , 35 and 50mm Aluminium

• Slats made using the highest grade aluminium alloy, utilising up to 20% recycled aluminium
• All slats are stove enamelled and will retain their original colour and brightness throughout the life of the blind
• Energy Saving, tranquility Venetians can help reduce house hold bills by holding energy within a room
• Can help protect furnishings from direct sunlight & helps to keep solar energy out


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