Awning Fabric Colours

Awning Fabric Colours

An awning fabric is a patio’s calling card…


There are so many good reasons to replace the awning fabric: the colours have faded; the fabric has begun to sag, or you simply feel like having a new splash of colour on your patio. If the frame is still working well, you don’t necessarily need to replace the entire awning. The fabric can be replaced independently of the awning structure.

The weinor fabric collection – finest quality and wide variety

If you’re looking for a new awning fabric, weinor is the place to be. A suitable pattern and also the properties of the fabric are vital factors in getting this right. With weinor fabrics, you can create a feel-good atmosphere in your outdoor area. Because their colours remain lastingly brilliant. High-quality pigments are stored in each individual fibre. The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. This is what makes weinor fabrics stand out from products made by other manufacturers where only the finished yarn is dyed.

Other benefits that weinor fabrics offer: they repel dirt, water and oil, provide the best-possible protection from ultraviolet rays and can lower the temperature of the living area. With over 140 fabric patterns to choose from, you’re certain to find one that matches your very own personal taste!

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