Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are gaining a following among home owners – and with good reason.

These versatile internal window coverings look beautiful in the home and are available in a range of styles and colours. Plantation shutters have a big impact on the overall design scheme of a room, and also ensure adequate light and air, making them a crucial home décor element.

Keep your rooms light with shutters

If you are looking for a unique, durable and visually appealing alternative to blinds or curtains, Plantation shutters can be the perfect choice. Whatever the size of your room, your windows or your doors, our bespoke wooden shutters can be made to order, ensuring a perfect fit. They also provide complete control over light, warmth and privacy.

In the heat of summer, nothing beats an open window behind closed blinds. Not only does it allow a cool breeze to roll through, but it makes your living space much more pleasant – not too bright and no heat spots – offering more versatility than curtains. In the winter, wooden shutters will also keep draughts at bay, so your rooms are warm and cosy.

Many options to choose from

No other window dressing solution is as versatile as window shutters: lots of character, very practical in both summer and winter, low-maintenance and customisable. We also offer a custom colour match service for any shutters, so your interior window covers fit the window and the aesthetics of your room!

Often thought of as expensive, wooden shutters may be far more affordable than you think. Regular wooden blinds are often comparable in price, so you should consider the benefits of well-crafted wooden shutters when outfitting your home.

There are numerous different shutter styles to choose from: full length or half-length, window or door. Whatever you’re looking for Penumbra can help.

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