LED Design Light Bar 35 Spot from Weinor

LED/Design Light Bar

Patio enjoyment into the evening hours

Weinor LED light bars add that special touch to any patio: their warm glow creates attractive lighting while allowing the patio to be used for much longer. Based on modern LED technology, the innovative light bars can save a great deal of energy. What is more, the light-emitting diodes have a long lifetime of some 30,000 hours, also helping to save resources. weinor LED light bars can be operated and even dimmed using BiConnect remote-control technology.

Our light bars for atmospheric patio lighting are called light bar LED and LED Design light bar. In terms of their design, both models are tailored to the various weinor patio awnings, and they can also be retrofitted to models that do not have integrated lighting. Add a BiConnect remote-controlled light dimmer and handheld transmitter and you can dim the lighting to any level you like with the comfort of a remote control.

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